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Your membership package includes information and applications that will allow you to take advantage of the services offered to our members. Your membership includes: - Free credit repair service - Free Last will & testament preparation - Free Notary public services - Free financial planning services - Free Legal consultations - Free defensive driving course (point/insurance reduction class)  - Discounts on truck rentals - Discounts on flood coverage - Discounts on funeral services - Discounts on cemetery plots - Discounts on cremation services - Discounts on caskets - Discounts on business coverage - Discounts on legal document preparation - Discounts on prescriptions - Burial loans - Guaranteed 14 day loans up to $250.00 (APPROVAL AMOUNT BASED ON INCOME) - Rebates on hotel stays - Rebates at Walmart - Rebates at Home depot - Rebates at T-Mobile JOIN NOW! By joining or renewing your membership to First Advance Benefits of America; you become part of a worlwide network that offers exclusive benefits to our members. Receive discounts and rebates on everyday products and travel. In addition to the bonuses; you have the ability to purchase one of our protector plans which are only offered to our members.
  The annual membership will expire one year from the date that you join.
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