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March 15, 2020


Plans issued prior to December 31, 2019 under our "LIFE PROTECTOR" plan have been converted to our "INCOME PROTECTOR" plan. The above-mentioned plan is no longer valid and have automatically been converted. The income protector's line of credit is guaranteed to our members at a 1% interest rate. Letters were sent out to members dated March 12, 2020 to explain the details of this change. Members have up until November 12, 2020 to opt of the change and receive a full refund of any payments made up to date. If no response to these letters are received within that timeframe, their plan will automatically be converted. This small adjustment will allow us to be a stronger community for our members.

 Feel free to email Paul Graham with any concerns at 





January 11, 2020


Our company will no longer offer any of our plans in the State of Maryland effective immediately. Unfortunately, we cannot come to a reasonable understanding with their financial departments and governing bodies. Their intent is to categorize our company as an insurance company, opposed to a funding company for the sole purpose of collecting unnecessary fees, which we will not conform to. Our company offers funeral funding, pre-settlement funding and funeral packages within our member community. We contract with third-party providers to service our members for their benefit, at affordable cost. Members of First Advance Benefits of America that reside in the State of Maryland can request full refunds in writing by sending your request to: 



For over 20 years, I've kept my promise to my clients. That's simply a fact.



My father in-law was denied life insurance by  four companies because of his health history. My neighbor had the income protector with first advance benefits of America as a back up plan to the policy that she had on her mother with another company. 

She stated that the income protector ended up being how she buried her mother, because they gave her the line of credit within 24 hours of contacting the company. We took her recommendation to sign up for the same plan, and when my father in-law passed away in 2020 from Covid-19; we utilized our income protector as well.

I wish that I was able to tell more people about this company. They are doing things for people that may feel  helpless.

- Todd V

     New York, NY

My dad always told me that he wanted to be cremated when he died, which I never agreed with. I was going through his paperwork after he passed away on May 15, 2021. He purchased the cremation protector through first advance benefits of America in 2018. One thing about my father is that he was very intentional.

I had no choice but to honor his wishes of being cremated. We contacted the company. They sent a funeral home to pick up my dad from the hospital. He was cremated in New Jersey. We received his remains back from them a few days later. I’m grateful that my dad took the initiative to plan with this company.

- Lina B.

Toms River, NJ


Why Us?

"We are the bridge between the insurance company, the funeral home and the customer."

Statistically, it takes an insurance company 60-90 days to pay a beneficiary the funds designated to them from a life insurance policy. The family has a few choices at that point:

1- Leave their loved one at the hospital or morgue until the insurance company pays them their death benefit to cover the funeral expenses.

2- Pay the funeral expenses out of their own pocket and wait to be reimbursed by the insurance company at a later date.

3- Have the funeral home reach out to a company like first advance benefits of America to borrow the money until the insurance company pays the death claim.

First Advance Benefits of America offers plans that ensure your loved one is honored in the most effective, yet affordable way. Our members always have options. Whether cremation or traditional burials, we have those readily available to our members through our network of providers. 

We also have guaranteed funeral funding options and pre-settlement funding options as well. The days of a traditional life insurance policy being your only option are long gone.


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